If you don't have the time to read, you don't have the time or the tools to write - Stephen King, On Writing, p. 147

Musical Shorts

Here's where you'll find the links to stories created for this project. So many songs come to mark a point in a life. The stories of those turning points or those inspired by the lyrics all end up here.

Déchiré is from the musical Notre Dame De Paris. The word means 'Torn Apart' in the context of this song. Information can be found via the link on the 'Inspiration' links page. The best interpretation of this song (in my opinion) can also be found in the same place. Click on the Déchiré page to be taken to the story.

Weakness - This story is based on a song by Todd Rundgren. As soon as I heard it this story came to mind. It was personally painful to write but perhaps also cathartic. Links to both Todd Rundgren and the song are included on the 'Inspiration' links page.

Riders on the Storm - I've known there was a story in this song since I was seven years old and first heard it. Here it is. Link in the usual places.